We launched the Survival Kit webshop for completely selfish reasons. Primarily to develop our own awareness, skills and knowledge of survival techniques in the midst of natural and urban disasters. To provide ourselves with the tools and knowledge needed to save the lives of our closest or complete strangers. The 60-in-1 multifunctional tool for survival in nature is the first product in our shop, but certainly not the last. We will develop the product offer, as well as the knowledge, experience and ideas that we will gather along the way (for you). Webshop is open for orders from 0-24, and all questions related to the purchase can be sent to email:
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The assurances of
Manifest signed and story shared.

Heart for the cause

Manifest signed and story shared.

Behind the Survivalkit webshop are two men in their mid-thirties. One who moved from Zagreb to Mrežnica, right next to the river, the other who grew up on a farm, in the countryside, and moved to Zagreb. Both, therefore, are types to whom nature is neither unknown nor hateful, and who will say for themselves that they are resourceful, enduring, who would survive even harder things than the earthquake that gave them the idea to launch this webshop.

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