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I’m interested in your Pro rate.

I was wondering if it’s possible to take over my amount of reviews that I have on

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Dear sir,

can you answer me why the status does not change in the circle next to our ratings. Now our average ratings is 9.6 and the circle still has a grade of 9.1?

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E-mail eerder versturen


Is het mogelijk om een review mail manueel/eerder te laten versturen als deze reeds is ingepland?


Better available Safe browsing badge!

Hi all!

We have some great news for (most) Trustprofile members!

We now have an SSL and Malware check running! We use this to check whether your online store has a secure connection and whether it does not contain malware.

This check is active for every member and because of this we can finally offer the Basic ‘Secure browsing’ badge with peace of mind. This is not the highest level you can earn, but is the absolute basics.

As mentioned this check is automatic and happens every few weeks for your profile. This means that ‘in general’ most webshops now earn the basic Safe browsing badge and will proudly display it on their profile!

Although SSL is a standard for most websites nowadays, there are still many online stores that are also accessible via the old-fashioned HTTP connection. This is unsafe and offers malicious parties the opportunity to circumvent security. That is why our SSL check checks whether your webshop is only accessible via SSL.

Check whether your webshop complies?

Enter http://www. [fillinwebsitehere].com in your browser and check whether you are automatically redirected to https://www. [yourwebsite].com.

Of course your SSL certificate must be valid 😉 .

Malware also remains a danger that you would rather not come into contact with. This kind of software has been developed to, among other things, leak data unseen and disrupt processes on visiting computers or servers – so don’t wait for it. It is therefore very nice that it can now be detected whether such a thing is present. Not just for you, but especially for your customers.

We currently use Google Safebrowsing and Trendmicro as the source for the Malware check. We want to add more sources in the future to further improve the quality of the audit.

In short:

As of today, we check all our members for malware and SSL by default. If you meet the requirements, you will automatically receive the Basic ‘Safe browsing’ badge. You don’t have to do anything for that. Those who already had a ‘Secure Browsing’ Super badge will not notice much difference as they are even better protected.

Wondering if your webshop has passed the audit? You can find the badges in your dashboard under Webshops > Store name > Manage your securities > Safe Browsing.

Shopify and payments through their system

When you first sign up with us with your shopify webshop, you may notice that payments to our party for our services are done via their system. Perhaps this raises some question like: *What happens when I cancel/upgrade/downgrade a running subcription?

*Can I still add or remove additional services?
So..enough to be curious about! Luckily Shopify provides some information for companies like us that use their system for these payments when it comes to our shopify webshop members. We will share what we feel may be interesting for our users aswel: Upgrades. When a merchant (for future refferance, this is you) upgrades their plan by moving from a less expensive charge to a more expensive charge, the charge is prorated based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle.

For example, a merchant begins a 30-day billing cycle on a $5.00 plan, and then upgrades to a $15.00 plan on day 15 of the billing cycle. The merchant would be charged $5.00 + ($15.00 – $5.00) * (15/30) = $10.00 USD.

Downgrades. When a merchant downgrades their plan by moving from a more expensive charge to a less expensive charge, the merchant is automatically offered an application credit based on the difference in price and the number of days remaining in the billing cycle.

This application credit can be used towards any future application purchase on Shopify. For example, a merchant begins a 30-day billing cycle on a $20.00 plan, and then downgrades to a $10.00 plan on day 15 of the billing cycle. The merchant would be offered an application credit for ($20.00 – $10.00) * (15/30) = $5.00 USD.

Note that downgrading gives you credit in return, said credit can be spent in the shopify appstore. It’s simply one of the terms we have to abide to when using their system. Billing cycle.

Merchants are invoiced every 30 days for their Shopify subscription, and they pay in advance for the following 30 days. In this example, the merchant receives their Shopify invoice April 5th. Since April has 30 days, the cycle will terminate at the end May 4th. On May 5th, the merchant will be billed again on June 3rd (because May has 31 days). June’s cycle will start on June 4th.


Oke so..via Shopify you are invoiced every 30 days, this is different from how we do it ourselves and have built our system. The quarterly payment period therefor isn’t available to TrustProfile users with a Shopify shop.

So all in all it’s safe to assume that payments through Shopify are a well thought out process, still we would be happy to try and answer any qustions concerning it!

Meta Tags

If you happened to have tried claiming or creating a profile for your website then you must have come across our security measures. It’s very important for TrustProfile to be sure that whomever claims a profile for a webshop, is actually the rightful owner of said webshop (or under the employment of..).

When you try to claim a profile for your webshop but aren’t able to use an email address for registration that ends with your domain (example: for we require you to add a meta-tag to your website as proof of ownership..

Meta Tag

Meta tags are basic elements of search engine optimization used to describe the page content. They are hidden in the section and are not viewable on a page. We will be able to notice these meta-tags from our end and they will in turn help us understand that you have editing priveledges as an owner of a website would have. So, to add meta tags to a web page, you need to edit the section of the HTML file. This means you either need editing privileges to do this OR you let your web developer do it instead.

When you take the meta-tag route to claim a profile with us we will send you an email. Within this mail we tell you exactly what meta-tag to add. Let’s take a look at an example below:

Up here we see a rudimentary example of a HTML. What we are looking for is the. Normally this tag contains a code which you receive in your mail. This means all you have to do is copy and paste the meta tag! You may find that you already have in your HTML, it’s best to not change that if you do and simply just add our meta tag.

Web root.

An alternative is adding a file to your web root. This file will be included to the mail we send.
The web root is the folder where the website files for a site are stored. Each site under your host gets an unique root folder. The root folder is placed under the sites username. Inside the web root folder you’ll find folders like \logs , \public , \private and more. Make sure to upload the exact file we send you when you do this.

So now what?

Well, sadly we can’t do the work for you.. but the first step would be to see how/if you can edit your in the HTML with the webshop software that you use. Once you have figured that out it’s just a matter of adding something. I know it’s a cliché but Google can be your friend here! If you feel like this goes over your head then it’s best practice to find someone with the know-how to do this.

No puedo contratar el Paquete Plus


hemos intentado contratar el paquete PLUS pero no hemos podido hacerlo. Suministramos los datos de nuestra tarjeta de crédito, hicimos un pago de 0.01€ pero la tarjeta no ha quedado registrada en ningún apartado. También cuando seleccionamos el Paquete PLUS no conseguimos que se active.

Os agradecería que nos orientaseis sobre cómo se puede hacer la contatación.

Muchas Gracias,

Santiago del Pino



Hoe kan de wordpress plugin samenwerken met ECWID webshop om automatisch een review aanvraag naar klanten te sturen met de status ‘geleverd’

About certified and badges

Hi. when will I get the badge what does ot look like?

Reviews niet zichtbaar

Hallo, momenteel heb ik 3 reviews op mijn Trustprofile account van Hyperion Crafting. Echter is er maar 1 van de 3 zichtbaar op mijn openbare profiel. Ik heb ze al op "read" gezet en ze zitten niet in quarantaine.Toch blijven ze onzichtbaar voor derden. Graag jullie hulp