An unjustified negative review… What to do?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Customer reviewsAn unjustified negative review… What to do?
admin Staff asked 3 years ago

In order to prevent damage from wrongful reviews, we do not show negative reviews for 14 days. You can use that time to remedy the problem or to challenge the review with us. However, if the negative experience turns out to be justified, we will simply publish it.

Contact the customer

First we ask you to contact the customer through our dashboard. The customer has the possibility to adjust or remove the review by himself. It is not permitted to require the customer to have his experience removed. Removal must therefore be entirely voluntary.

Request a moderation (optional)

Second if you do don’t get an appropriate response from the customer, we would like to receive a moderation request through our dashboard. It is important to indicate why the experience is unjustified and if you can prove this. In order to guarantee the quality of reviews, we only remove reviews in exceptional cases.

Write a proper response

In addition, we would like to inform you that a negative review is not necessarily bad for the positioning of your webshop. A consumer trusts the reviews of an online store more if it consists of a combination of positive and negative reviews. A negative review in its time increases the confidence in your webshop.

We want to advise you to share your side of the story by responding to this review. Always stay understanding and experienced. Potential customers read along.