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Rastislav Belko asked 10 months ago

Hi we are trying to test functionality. I created to myself invitation email: “”

but we didnot received email

we have setuped our TXT records in DNS but when i click to resent verification email also we do not receive anything.

do you have any advice for us?

thank you


Daan Vaneker Staff replied 10 months ago

Dear Rastislav,

You have initiated an invite to That invite was added to our queue. In the mean time you have posted a review with the same email adress. Therefore the invite was marked as duplicate and wasn’t sent.

The review you’ve posted wasn’t verified jet. That is because it wasn’t verified. The 20th of November at 8:50 am you have recieved an email by us with subject: “Verify your review for”. If you click on the link in that mail the review will become visible.

When you want to test out our review invite by email you can initiatie an invite to a different email which is opened from a different ip-adres.

Best, Daan