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Daan Vaneker Staff asked 1 year ago

With Trustprofile gathering reviews is easy! Your customers place an order, and our technology makes sure they get an invite to review your webshop. These reviews are then stored in our database, and you can show them on your webshop and memberpage to garner trust and build your reputation. But a good entrepreneur often has more than one channel that needs to be managed…

What about your reviews on Google? And how do you take care of gathering reviews at Facebook? With the Multi-platform Review Request feature you can make sure that a percentage of review invites you send with our system redirects your customers to parties like Google, Facebook and more. Never put your eggs in one basket!

Got a bad reputation on Facebook because all the complaints go there, and all the praise finds its way to Google? Set 50% of your invites from our system to Facebook and let your happy customers fix that reputational problem for you! The Multi-platform review Request feature allows you to balance and manage reviews in a unique way.

How to get started?

This feature is automatically available for people with a PRO plan.
Once in your dashboard; navigate to ‘Invites > Multi-Platform’ and scroll down.
When you have ‘connected external sources’ (or our system has found them) and they are supported by this feature (like Google and Facebook) they should now show up and you can manage the percentages of review requests you want directing your customers to these platforms.

What are external sources?

External sources are what we call parties that also gather reviews/scores for your online store. By adding them via your Trustprofile dashboard you can add the scores you gathered with those parties to your member page and display them there as well (not the reviews, only the average score).

To activate this option you have to set “external sources” yourself. You do this by logging in to your Trustprofile dashboard and then navigating to ‘Reviews’ and choosing the option “External sources”. If you have multiple webshops, you can then choose the webshop for which you want to set up an external source in the top right-hand corner. On this page you simply add the URL of the external page where your customer reviews can be found.

Here you select the “external source” and then enter the URL of the public page on which the reviews are displayed. Check ‘recognized review sources‘ to see wich external review you can display on TrustProfile.