Peter Vermeulen asked 1 year ago


we are evaluating a potential upgrade from our ‘freemium’ plan to a ‘plus’ plan.

Before we do this, we would like to remove all current ratings and take a fresh start.

Is this possible?


Peter Vermeulen

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caleni Staff answered 1 year ago

Goodmorning Peter,

Nice to hear you maybe want to upgrade. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove all existing reviews. It is the intention that potential customers can get a realistic picture of you as a web store. You could ask a number of customers of which you are sure that they are satisfied to leave a review, so that the lesser ones will disappear more into the background.

I would also like to advise you, as a web store, to respond publicly to all the reviews you have received, so that potential customers can see that you are serious about the reviews and that you want to offer customer service.

Good luck!

Kind regards,