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Many credible sources gather useful online shop data. We display it all in a single profile of trust. Reviews, identity, legal verification, dispute mediation, security. It’s all there. One look is all it takes for your customers to find the information they need to trust and choose you.

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Discover more about how Trustprofile can boost your customers’ trust.

How will this boost my sales?

Online shoppers experience a lot of uncertainty. Research shows that 25.5% of the world's population has fallen victim to scams. With Trustprofile, you provide reassurance and thus increase your sales.

Does Trustprofile boost my SEO?

A claimed profile provides a follow link back to your site. Trustprofile has good domain authority, your shop's Google ranking benefits from our link value.

Why is Trustprofile for free?

We believe that we can make the internet a safer place, to give everybody the chance to show that they are legit. Of course there is a ‘catch’, we really would like you to also use our review system. But only if you like it as much as we do 😊

What will you do with my data?

As a company that stands for online trust, we'd better not misuse your data. Read more about how we treat your data in our privacy policy.

If you still have questions we did not answered above please feel free to contact us.

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