Boost your webshop with review invites

Use past interactions for present success.

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Boost your webshop with review invites

Most people only think to leave a review if something extraordinary good or bad happens. But it’s the every day, happy customers who paint the real picture of what you offer. Problem is, they don’t always take the time to share their satisfaction. By sending out an email to every customer, you make it easy for them to click and share their thoughts. This way you get to hear from everyone. And the more effortless you make it for them, the more likely they are to share.

Below, we’ll explore how review invites can boost your webshop, whether you’re just starting out, growing steadily, or already a big player. Let’s dive right in.

New webshops:

Starting a new online shop is both exciting and challenging. One big hurdle is getting those first reviews. Without reviews, potential customers might skip over your shop. But getting your first happy customers to leave positive reviews can be a big help. It shows other shoppers that real people like what you’re selling.

So how do you get those first crucial reviews? Send out review invitations! It’s a simple step but it makes a big difference. By asking your customers to leave a review, you’re showing that you value their feedback and you’re also building up a collection of positive reviews that other shoppers can see.

You might wonder how many reviews are enough to start with. Well, aiming for around 20 to 50 reviews is a good goal. This number shows that a good amount of people have tried and liked your products. It’s not just one or two happy customers, but a whole bunch of them!

The fact is, reviews are powerful. According to, 90% of people read at least one review before deciding to visit a store. That’s almost everyone! So, having a bunch of positive reviews because you sent out review invitations can really draw more people to your shop.

Now, here’s some more good news for new entrants. Trustprofile comes with a freemium package and affordable pricing, making review invites accessible for those just starting out. Check out our plans!

Mid-sized webshops

For Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), standing out in a crowded market is essential. Customer reviews are a magic ingredient in this mix, and here’s a scenario to highlight their power:

Imagine a webshop that’s been doing well but hasn’t yet tapped into the potential of automatic review invitations. The decision is made to switch on this feature, and boom! Review invitations are sent out to all customers who shopped over the last month. The outcome? A sudden spike in reviews – giving the webshop a one-time significant boost.

This scenario brings out three major points:

1.Immediate Boost:

This one-time action of sending bulk review invites is like hitting a jackpot of customer feedback. It’s a unique chance because once the automatic review invite feature stays on, every new purchase will bring in reviews steadily. But this initial action ensures a large pool of past customers chip in with their feedback all at once.

2.Customized Timing:

The beauty of this feature is that it can be tailored. For digital products, asking for reviews from last month’s customers works well. But for perishable goods like candies, reaching out to customers from the last two weeks is better. This way, the feedback is fresh and more relevant.

3.Solid Start for Steady Growth:

Eyeing a review count in the range of 100 to 200 is a great goal for an SME. This figure sets a strong base of trust. As the automatic review invite feature continues to work with each new sale, it creates a steady stream of reviews, building up trust and customer engagement over time.

SMEs like to complement the Review Invites feature offered by Trustprofile with the ‘multi-platform’ feature. It allows your webshop to request reviews and channel them to other popular review platforms like Google and Trustpilot. You have the liberty to designate the percentage of reviews you wish to receive on each platform.

Big players

When we talk about market leaders, we’re talking about a colossal volume of transactions. With such a vast customer base, manually soliciting reviews would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Here the word ‘automation’ is key. A sale triggers a review invite, which potentially culminates in a review. Each review is a testament to the webshop’s credibility, drawing more customers, and fueling more sales. It’s a self-sustaining cycle of growth. The more sales you make, the more review invites are dispatched, and the more reviews are gathered. 

When we talk about market leaders, we’re talking about a colossal volume of transactions, maybe in the range of 1,000 to 10,000 or more, showcasing a long history of customer interaction and satisfaction. Imagine handling thousands of reviews manually – it’s a tough nut to crack! Automation makes it easy. It’s a chain reaction – more sales, more review invites, more reviews, and even more sales. Reviews can increase sales by 18% on average, emphasizing the importance of having a substantial number of reviews to maintain market dominance. The beauty of it is, that even with thousands of buyers, the right handling through this feature makes each one feel special and cared for.

Besides automatic review invites, Trustprofile helps market leaders reach new markets. It has a multi-lingual tool to talk to customers in their language. Plus, the partnerships with local trust seals around the world make entering new markets easier.

Trustprofile review invites

Experience effortless review collection with a one-time, 5-minute installation that sets everything on autopilot! With this simple setup, your system automatically sends out review invites to every customer after a purchase. It’s a set-and-forget solution that not only saves precious time but also helps in gathering a diverse range of reviews effortlessly. Here’s a glimpse of the things you can do with it:

1.Invitation Emails:

Craft inviting subject lines and content that resonate with your brand’s voice, nudging customers to share their feedback.

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2.Thank You Emails:

Express your gratitude with personalized thank you emails, fostering a positive post-review interaction.

3.Reminder Emails:

Gently remind customers with tailored reminder emails, increasing the likelihood of garnering reviews.

4. Keyword Magic:

Utilize keywords like [shop], [customer], [order], and [date] to personalize the emails further, making each customer feel special.

Other settings:

Logo Display: Showcase your brand’s logo, reinforcing brand identity and trust.

Invitation and Reminder Setup: Decide when to send invites and reminder emails, allowing you to follow up at the right time.

1-Click Ratings: Enable 1-click ratings to simplify the review process. A single click on the rating in the email automatically stores the rating, although customers can provide additional insights if they wish.

Language Flexibility: Choose from a variety of languages including English, Croatian, German, Bulgarian, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian for your invitations. For instance, cater to an Italian customer with an English invitation if Italian is disabled, ensuring clarity over a default Dutch version.

Email Sender Options: Opt to send emails on behalf of Trustprofile or from your webshop via Trustprofile’s mail servers. Sending invitations from your own email address can enhance response rates as customers recognize your shop’s name, also reducing the chances of emails being flagged as spam.

Review invitations are a simple yet powerful tool for any webshop, big or small. They help collect valuable feedback without taking up much of your time, encourage more positive reviews, and ultimately, drive more sales. It’s a small effort that can bring in big rewards for your online store.


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