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As a consumer, in an ever-growing e-commerce world, you are always looking for security. You want to know that the orders you place are delivered and the webshops you visit are safe. We like to make it clear how our members ensure a pleasant and safe shopping experience. That’s why we have developed trust badges. The web shop owner can earn trusty badges by joining a trust source recognized by us, go through our verifications and collect reviews from previous customers. This way you as a consumer can easily check what a webshop meets and what could be improved.

What kind of badges are there and what do they mean to me?

There are several badges that can be earned. Each badge has different requirements and usually has multiple levels. The better a webshop scores, the better the badge will be shown. Below is an overview of the badges that are currently available.  Customer review badge

As a consumer you can learn from reviews how a webshop is doing. This badge can be earned by the merchant by collecting reviews from previous customers. A badge of the highest level needs at least 50 relevant reviews and an average grade of at least nine. Heart for the cause badge

entrepreneur badge A good webshop owner knows what it means to offer service, take complaints seriously and act honestly and ethically. This badge can be earned by agreeing to our code of conduct. Identity verified badge

As a consumer, you want to know who you’re buying from. This badge will therefore be unlocked when all contact details are known. In addition, data can verified annualy by mail, e-mail and telephone for the highest level of this badge. Mediation available badge

Problems or complaints sometimes require external mediation. In the worst cases, a legal decision by a dispute committee is sometimes required. This badge shows that these matters are clearly made available to the consumer from the webshop. Legally checked badge

Legislation in e-commerce is changing rapidly and continuously; knowing that a merchant knows and complies with these rules is therefore important. Local trustmarks inspect webshops on actual legislation. The highest level of the legal badge requires a recent inspection. Safe browsing badge

![](https://www.trustprofile.io/wp content/uploads/2020/06/Security_Badge_Combi-80×80.png) Malware and viruses are dangerous. This badge can be earned by meeting specific protection requirements. Trustprofile automatically checks websites for a valid SSL certificate and how they score in Google Safe Browsing and Trendmicro. If no malware/issues are found and a valid SSL is present the basic badge is earned. A continuous scan unlocks a SUPER badge. A webshop without this badge is not necessarily unsafe, other measures exist.