eValor is being replaced by TrustProfile!

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Barcelona, 12-10-2020 – Today the online trust sell of eValor is being integrated into TrustProfile. The goal of TrustProfile, like eValor, is to show to customers if an online entrepreneur is trustworthy. Besides their own automated checks and customer review system, they combine other available trust sources into one profile. This combined profile is a very strong item for a client to asses if they can purchase safely from that webshop.

Trustprofile is the initiative of WebwinkelKeur. WebwinkelKeur has been active for 10 years in the Dutch market, and they are the biggest trust sell in The Netherlands. This company aims to bring their experience, development power and international ambitions into the Spanish market.

If a shop is approved by Confianza Online and/or Trusted Shops, those trust sells will be presented on the profile to the consumers. As for consumer reviews, Trustprofile presents the rating at Google Places, Facebook, Trustivity, Trusted Shops and Trustpilot; besides the reviews that are gathered by the system of Trustprofile itself.

An online entrepreneur can prove that the contact information presented on its Trustprofile is correct. Trustprofile will send verification codes to their address, telephone and e-mail address. If a green check mark is shown, the consumer can be sure that the presented address actually belongs to that webshop.

TrustProfile has very affordable prices for any kind of businesses and it is an excellent option specially for small and medium companies. This platform is also a great idea for Spanish websites who want to become more international and sell across their borders. In addition to Spanish, TrustProfile is also available in English, French, Italian, Dutch and German.