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Peter Vermeulen asked 3 years ago


I would like to send an email to some customers (after we close a support case) with an invitation to review us on

Is it possible to include a link in such an email to the review form? How can I do this?



admin Staff replied 3 years ago

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your request on how you can invite consumers through Trustprofile to leave a review about your services. I have 3 options available to make this work.

1. Integrate through a plugin
If you install our integration order data will be send to our system so that we can send an invite after you have completed an order. At the moment we have integrations available for:
Magento 2
CCV Shop (no forum post jet, but you can find us in the CCV appstore)
And soon Shopify will be added.

2. Integrate through API
If you want to build your own extension. The API is used to send review invites and costumize our promotional materials.

3. Include your Trustprofile url into a confirmation email that you send to your consumers by yourself.
For you can add this link to the email you send to your consumers after order completion:

Thank you for using our system to increase trust on your online store. If you have any more questions don’t be hesitant to ask.