Cross-border trust made easy

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Cross-border trust made easy

Nowadays, businesses can reach people from every corner of the world. But it’s not always easy. Imagine trying to make a shopper in Belgium feel as confident buying from you as a local store down their street. This blog dives into how businesses can make everyone, no matter where they’re from, feel comfortable and confident shopping with them. We’ll explore tools like Trustprofile and the magic behind making global shopping feel just like buying from a neighborhood store. Let’s dive in!


For online shoppers, trust seals are more than just symbols; they’re a stamp of approval from trusted entities in their own region. It’s like having a local expert vouch for a product or service. But as businesses expand globally, there’s a challenge: a trust seal that’s recognized and valued by a Dutch shopper might be unfamiliar to someone in Italy. This is where Trustprofile comes into play. Understanding the importance of these local validations, such as EHI Siegel for Germany or for Belgium, Trustprofile seamlessly brings them together. This approach allows businesses to present the most pertinent trust badge to each audience, ensuring every shopper, regardless of their location, feels a sense of familiarity and assurance.


Talking clearly with customers is super important. Think about it – if you’re shopping online, you’d want to read everything in your own language, right? That’s why businesses should offer services in many languages. Whether it’s German, French, English, or even Bulgarian, speaking a customer’s language makes them feel more at ease. It’s like telling them, “We understand you.” This not only strengthens the bond with current customers but also attracts new ones from different parts of the world. In short, when businesses speak more languages, they reach more people and build stronger trust.


Even though Trustprofile started its journey recently, our dedication to embracing diverse languages is evident. We’ve expanded our offerings to include a range of languages such as Dutch, German, English, French, Spanish, Croatian, and Italian. Notably, we’ve just added Bulgarian to our repertoire, with plans to incorporate many more in the near future.

We recognize that language barriers can stand in the way of building trust. That’s why we’ve crafted a platform tailored to communicate effectively with a global audience in their preferred language. This approach not only strengthens bonds with our current clientele but also paves the way to connect with new markets and customers. In doing so, Trustprofile aims to simplify global e-commerce, ensuring that language differences never hinder our mission of fostering trust and confidence.

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Multilingual system - Trustprofile


Ever wondered about the process of getting certified? Sometimes, it can feel like navigating a maze. That’s why at Trustprofile, we’re dedicated to simplifying this journey. We’ve teamed up with authoritative seals from various countries to make the process more straightforward. And we’re continuously expanding; our most recent addition is the EHI seal – Germany.

Now, starting the certification process is just a matter of a few clicks on your dashboard. With our latest update, initiating certification has never been smoother. Simply access your dashboard, follow the intuitive prompts, and set out on your certification journey. Securing your trust seal is a testament to your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It not only gives you a competitive advantage but also bolsters confidence among your audience, propelling your business to greater heights of credibility and trust.

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Trust seal partners - Trustprofile


Building trust is no small feat. You invest time, effort, and resources to showcase your trustworthiness. However, sometimes, these efforts might be perceived as standard, with many not realizing the hard work behind them. That’s why Trustprofile steps in, translating your dedication into easily recognizable trust marks, making it evident the lengths you’ve gone to ensure reliability. This involves breaking down the standards and criteria behind each trust mark and turning them into easily digestible trust signals. For example, a trust mark indicating a business’s adherence to stringent data security, identification, and transparency checks would be translated into signals like “Safe browsing,” “Identity verified,” and “Legally Checked.”

These trust signals are prominently displayed on the business’s website via a Trustprofile widget. This tool allows visitors to quickly gauge the trust signals a business has achieved, based on their earned trust marks. Not only does this foster trust among potential customers, but it also sets businesses apart from their competition. And these signals aren’t set in stone. As businesses earn more trust marks or enhance their standards, the trust signals on their site can be refreshed. This dynamic approach ensures that the trust signals remain a true reflection of a business’s commitment to trust and excellence.

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Trustsignals for your webshop - Trustprofile


At Trustprofile, our core is built on recognizing a wide range of trust and review sources, showcasing our dedication to inclusivity and shared success. We value numerous trust sources, such as SafeShops.beeCommerce Hrvatska TRUSTED SHOPEHI Geprüfter Online-Shop, and Trust Guard, to name a few. Additionally, we tap into various review platforms, including Facebook, Google, Ekomi, and Trustpilot. Our platform is crafted for effortless integration, compatible with major e-commerce platforms like PrestaShopShopifyWoocommerceMagento 2, and CCV Shop. For businesses using unique webshop software, we provide an API, allowing for tailored integrations and custom extensions. With detailed documentation and unwavering support, we ensure businesses can maximize the benefits of Trustprofile with ease.


Trustprofile is investigating the possibility of varying the expressions based on the country the visitor comes from if you use one domain internationally for all countries. This feature is still in the future, but it shows our commitment to providing the best cross-border trust proposition available. We recently hosted our first meeting with esteemed partners – from Belgium, eCommerce Hrvatska from Croatia, WebwinkelKeur from the Netherlands, EHI Geprüfter Online-Shop from Germany, and several other promising associates. Our shared vision is to make it easier for local shops to go international by getting approved by national trust seals. Trustprofile has the ambition to display all these national labels on one international profile of trust, making it easier for businesses to gain recognition and trust from consumers in different countries.

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Partners — TrustProfile

Our cross-border proposition is about building trust, promoting transparency, and encouraging responsible business practices. It’s an inclusive solution that addresses the unique challenges of cross-border e-commerce, making it a valuable tool for both businesses and consumers.


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