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We give developers the freedom to integrate the TrustProfile system in the way you think is best. Using our API you can integrate webshop software for which we don’t offer a standard integration or you can use it if you want to build your own extension. The API is used to send review invites and costumize our promotional materials.


To make use of our integrations you need to know the webshop id. The server-side integrations also require an API key. You will find this information in your dashboard. The API documentation can be found here, below we give a short additional explanation of the components.


The most important API is our JSON API. This makes it possible to send review requests to your customers.

Through our JSON API it is possible to have your own software communicate with our system. To use the API, a TrustProfile account with an API key is required.

The JSON API documentation is available here.

Javascript integration documentation

The javascript integration is necessary for displaying the TrustProfile sidebar, the tooltip and other items. The javascript integration makes it possible to integrate TrustProfile into the webshop where the visitor has access to customer experiences, can post customer reviews and can view the trust details without having to leave their own webshop.

View the javascript integration documentation

Customer reviews Widget

Our customer reviews widget allows you to display the latest reviews and/or the average rating on your web shop. The customer review widget code can be generated in the TrustProfile dashboard.