Trustprofile's rebranding journey

New look, same passion.

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Trustprofile's rebranding journey

Our journey has led us to a transformative moment: a bold reimagining of our brand identity. We’ve evolved, sharpened, and refined ourselves to better echo the changing needs of the digital landscape and the entrepreneurs who navigate it.

In this blog, we will unveil the story behind Trustprofile’s rebranding, shedding light on every nuance of our new identity.


Emerging from the roots of WebwinkelKeur, a project initiated in 2010, Trustprofile was initially created with the goal of offering businesses an affordable review system, not only for the Netherlands but worldwide. The focus was on achieving rapid momentum and speed, leading to the development of minimal viable products for branding, website, and system which shared similarities with WebwinkelKeur.

However, as Trustprofile solidified its position in the industry, the need for growth and evolution became evident. Through introspection, we realized that Trustprofile’s branding had not received the substantial attention it deserved. In order to establish ourselves as an independent and proactive company and to prevent any confusion in branding, we recognized the importance of embarking on a proper rebranding process.


Understanding brand archetypes can provide clarity and direction while rebranding. One standout example is WebwinkelKeur, which truly embodies the “Everyday Man” archetype. This persona deeply resonated with Trustprofile’s initial vision. In our nascent stages, much like WebwinkelKeur, we aimed to offer accessible trust seals, ensuring that e-commerce businesses of all sizes felt supported and acknowledged.

Yet, with growth, our aspirations evolved. Trustprofile recognized the need to step out of its comfort zone and assert a more commanding presence. This meant transitioning from the familiar warmth of the “Everyman” archetype to the dynamic and assertive spirit of the “Hero”. Trustprofile’s transformation signified our renewed ambition to not just be a part of the industry but to take a leadership role, setting standards and charting new territories.


We evolved, and so did our vision. Embracing the bold energy of the “Hero” archetype, we shifted gears, aiming not just to serve but to lead in our domain. See how this metamorphosis shaped our offerings and ethos.

What we do:

In short, we are a review system. But there is much more to it. Trustprofile streamlines online trust-building for businesses. We integrate trust indicators, such as ratings, trust marks, and badges, on websites to boost credibility and visibility. Our platform aggregates trust elements into one unified profile, making it a potent marketing tool. We automate the review collection process and send review invites across multiple platforms.

In addition, we present local trust seals. These national trust seals hold immense value for consumers worldwide. Trustprofile makes it possible for online shops to display multiple national labels on one international profile of trust, strengthening their credibility and giving customers the assurance they need. Partnering with entities like EHIWebwinkelKeureCommerce Hrvatska, and, we make local trust seals more accessible, solidifying a business’s reputation.

All this is delivered at competitive pricing, suitable for all business sizes

How we do it:

Trustprofile strengthens your business’s digital presence through three core principles:

  • Trust signals: We offer a unified trust profile, drawing from diverse sources, simplifying customers’ decision-making and bolstering their confidence in your offerings.
  • Social proof: We highlight genuine customer experiences at both product and company levels, boosting your brand’s social proof and providing potential buyers with authentic insights.
  • Worldwide reach: Our platform is global, presenting trust across domains, search results, social media, and multiple review platforms. With support for languages including English, German, French, and more, we ensure your trust is communicated worldwide with relevant local seals and languages.

Our why:

In essence, our every endeavor at TrustProfile is to build a digital world that’s safer, more inclusive, and united in trust.

  • Safer: By consolidating trust signals and amplifying real social proof, we champion the cause of protecting customers from fraudulent entities and ensuring they always make informed decisions.
  • Successful: Every business deserves its place under the sun, regardless of its size. Our passion is to pave the way for even the smallest of ventures to prosper amidst giants. Through competitive pricing, simplified processes, and robust online reputation tools like trust displays and Google review stars, we empower businesses to establish a formidable digital presence.
  • Together: Our mission goes beyond singular trust profiles—it’s about creating a global tapestry of trust. Through collaboration with diverse businesses and organizations, we’re striving to cultivate a worldwide trust ecosystem. By offering tools with an international scope, linguistic flexibility, and localized trust seals, we encourage businesses to broadcast their trustworthiness universally.


Trustprofile’s core philosophy drives our design choices. Each visual element reflects our commitment to global trust-building, safety, and inclusivity. Our colors, fonts, and graphics are more than aesthetic choices; they embody our mission to champion trust in e-commerce. Read further to see our values brought to life.


Across continents, whether you’re from Brussels or Bangkok, while many may not understand English or French, they do recognize symbols. This logo is our company’s face, the primary visual expression we use to assert our identity. We’ve crafted it not just to be aesthetically appealing, but to convey potent, affirmative messages about our essence. It’s a fusion of the Icon and wordmark, designed to resonate and be remembered, irrespective of language barriers.


Serving both as a standalone brand element and an integral part of our logo, it builds a robust and distinguishable brand symbol, especially in constrained spaces. Paired with our primary brand color, blue, it’s a favorite. However, versatility is key, so we also have it in a monochrome version when needed.

Screenshot 2023 07 26 134430 1

Trustprofile - Icon


Our color palette is our brand’s narrative in vibrant chroma. Each hue, from the deep ‘Space Black’ to the spirited ‘Neon Mint’, weaves a tale of Trustprofile’s journey and ambition. This palette is tailored to bridge our marketing communications and product interfaces, ensuring instant visual recognition. Additionally, for digital design, our greys provide the ideal backdrop for user interface elements.


How words are presented can often be as significant as the words themselves. Our chosen typefaces, PP Formula Bold and Inter, are reflective of our brand’s dynamic range. While PP Formula Bold, always presented in lowercase, is the dominating voice for our headings, the Inter font ensures readability and comfort for extensive content.

Screenshot 2023 07 26 135752 1

Trustprofile - Brand in Action


Images are used to speak where words fall short. Our photographs, rich in contrast and dynamic range echo our brand’s voice, showcasing not just our offerings but also resonating with the dreams and ambitions of our clientele. The emphasis? The entrepreneur.

Screenshot 2023 07 26 135242

Trustprofile - Brand in Action

Visual style

At Trustprofile, consistency is paramount. Many of our visual elements are inspired by the chat balloon shape from our logo. This ensures a consistent and recognizable brand image across varied assets. Whether in illustrations or as an imaginative mask for photos, this style imparts depth to our identity, ensuring a memorable brand experience.

UI iconset

User interfaces often become the initial touchpoint between brands and consumers. Recognizing this, we’ve chosen Font Awesome, especially its solid version, for our UI. This iconic set complements our overarching identity, ensuring every digital interaction with Trustprofile is smooth and intuitive.


Our journey towards rebranding is not just about changing our image. It’s about enhancing the narrative of trust, fostering success, and collectively working towards a safer e-commerce world. As we embark on this journey, we invite all our stakeholders, partners, and consumers to join us and be a part of this exciting new chapter at Trustprofile. Together, we can redefine trust in e-commerce.

Before we conclude, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the individuals who played a crucial role in the rebranding of Trustprofile.

Firstly, we want to thank Frank Hautvast for his invaluable contribution in establishing the identity of TrustProfile. His insights and expertise have been instrumental in shaping our brand’s new direction.

Secondly, our sincere appreciation goes to Tom Arends for his exceptional design concepts. Tom’s creativity and vision have breathed life into our visual identity, creating a brand that truly represents our values and aspirations.


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