Better available Safe browsing badge!

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admin Staff asked 2 years ago

Hi all!

We have some great news for (most) Trustprofile members!

We now have an SSL and Malware check running! We use this to check whether your online store has a secure connection and whether it does not contain malware.

This check is active for every member and because of this we can finally offer the Basic ‘Secure browsing’ badge with peace of mind. This is not the highest level you can earn, but is the absolute basics.

As mentioned this check is automatic and happens every few weeks for your profile. This means that ‘in general’ most webshops now earn the basic Safe browsing badge and will proudly display it on their profile!

Although SSL is a standard for most websites nowadays, there are still many online stores that are also accessible via the old-fashioned HTTP connection. This is unsafe and offers malicious parties the opportunity to circumvent security. That is why our SSL check checks whether your webshop is only accessible via SSL.

Check whether your webshop complies?

Enter http://www. [fillinwebsitehere].com in your browser and check whether you are automatically redirected to https://www. [yourwebsite].com.

Of course your SSL certificate must be valid .

Malware also remains a danger that you would rather not come into contact with. This kind of software has been developed to, among other things, leak data unseen and disrupt processes on visiting computers or servers – so don’t wait for it. It is therefore very nice that it can now be detected whether such a thing is present. Not just for you, but especially for your customers.

We currently use Google Safebrowsing and Trendmicro as the source for the Malware check. We want to add more sources in the future to further improve the quality of the audit.

In short:

As of today, we check all our members for malware and SSL by default. If you meet the requirements, you will automatically receive the Basic ‘Safe browsing’ badge. You don’t have to do anything for that. Those who already had a ‘Secure Browsing’ Super badge will not notice much difference as they are even better protected.

Wondering if your webshop has passed the audit? You can find the badges in your dashboard under Webshops > Store name > Manage your securities > Safe Browsing.