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Through TrustProfile it is possible to qualify for Google Seller Rating. These are the stars that appear on your Google Ads and Google Shopping ads. Through cooperation with our partner who in turn is a Google partner, we can offer you this service at a good price. Let’s dive in!

What is Google Seller Rating:

What exactly is Google Seller Rating? They are not to be confused with Google’s rich snippets (which we also offer via your TrustProfile dashboard)! Where one is visible in organic search results, Google Seller Rating is visible in your paid search results (Google Ads / Google Shopping). The rich snippets are therefore always free however a monthly contribution is requested for the Google Seller Rating. See the difference in Google search results below:

For your ads it will display stars.

For your shopping environment, it will display a percentage. 93% positive in the example below.


Of course, using Google Seller Rating brings many benefits. According to Google, these are:

• Increase the traffic to your webshop.
• Increase of 10% in click-through rate (CTR).
• Improvement of the quality scores (QS).
• Reduction of cost-per-clicks (CPC).

All in all, good reasons to consider it for your online store!

Not for everyone:

Not every webshop qualifies for these stars. There are some strict requirements for this:

  • The webshop has collected at least 100 unique reviews in the past 12 months. When you have collected 100 unique reviews within just the past 4 weeks, the stars are not (yet) shown in connection with Google’s indexing. Unfortunately, having at least 100 reviews collected will not provide a guarantee. This has many reason which we have no control over. For example: Google has its own algorithm with which they remove duplicate reviews. So, to be sure that your stars are shown, you need to be well above a 100 reviews.
  • The average score of the reviews gathered is worth at least 3.5 out of 5 stars.
  • You do not use any URLs with subdomains.
  • You didn’t (intentionally or accidentally) “overshadow” the stars within your Google Ads campaign.

How do you activate them:

Google Seller Rating stars are sadly not free of charge. This is because the stars are shown in your Google Ads and the seller rating ‘% positive’ in Google Shopping. To keep the costs for our members as low as possible, the costs we charge almost entirely go to the partner who provides this service. The costs for the seller rating are EUR 19.95 per activated webshop per month. You pay and activate per webshop and not per membership.

So, what exactly do you get in return:

Yellow stars in your Google Ads via Google desktop search results.
A percentage-based score displayed of reviews in Google Shopping.

Ready to activate Google Seller Rating? Log in within our dashboard > go to Promotion > click on Google Seller Rating > check whether the relevant web store complies > Activate!