Taking a stand against fake reviews

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Christian Burlacu Staff asked 2 months ago

As part of our ongoing efforts to counter fake reviews and ensure that our users get the most genuine feedback, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows consumers to mark a review for investigation.

Here’s how it works:

1. Time Limit for Flagging:

A review can only be flagged within the first two weeks of its creation. This ensures that recent reviews are under examination and any potential discrepancies are addressed promptly.

2. Mindful Moderation:

Each user is granted a limited number of flags based on their IP and email address per webshop. Specifically, there’s a two-month block on flagging after a review has been marked. This encourages users to be judicious and thoughtful about when and which reviews they flag.

3. Immediate Notification:

Once you’ve flagged a review, you’ll instantly receive an email from us. Please check your inbox and confirm the notification. Upon confirmation, our team will commence the investigation. Remember, you won’t be able to flag another review for the same online store during the block period. However, if we detect any irregularities, we’ll delve deeper into other reviews as well.

4. Review Visibility During Investigation:

To maintain transparency and ensure that potentially misleading reviews don’t influence other users, the flagged review will appear blurred while under investigation.

Why is this important?

Fake reviews can significantly distort the perception of an online store, leading to misguided trust or unwarranted skepticism. We believe in a safer, more successful online shopping experience, and we’re in this together with you. By letting you flag reviews, we’re making sure that the feedback you read is genuine and helpful.