Review removed by customer but still on website?

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Drue asked 11 months ago

There is a review on my TrustProfile that was removed by a customer but is still active.

When I go to my reviews, I cannot see it but it is still active.

Please remove this.

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 11 months ago

Dear Drue,

The review hasn’t been verified by the customer. Therefore it isn’t a valid review and it won’t show up on your profile.

Up till now you have requested moderation on reviews placed at Those reviews were also posted on Trustpilot. It is possible to redirect people that want to write a review on trustprofile to another review platform that you use. That avoids duplicate reviews on mulitple platforms.

To set that up, log in to our dashboard and go to Reviews > Shop reviews > Settings cogwheel > Rating redirect. Select Trustpilot.

Best, Daan