Jasenka Bojčetić asked 1 year ago

Dear sir,

can you answer me why the status does not change in the circle next to our ratings. Now our average ratings is 9.6 and the circle still has a grade of 9.1?

Best regards! Jasenka

1 Answers
ismail Staff answered 1 year ago

Dear Jasenka,

The rating is calculated by adding together the average marks from all review sources divided by the number of reviews.

The average marks are multiplied by the number of reviews. These are added together and the total is divided by the total number of reviews.

For example, if you have 19 10 star reviews, 226 9 star reviews and 14 9.7 star reviews the rating is calculated as follows:

(1910+2269+14*9.7)/259 = 9.11

I wish you many more great reviews.