Reliability of Reviews

The reliability of our reviews

We put a lot of effort into gathering, verifying, and managing authentic reviews for Trustprofile members. To clarify the source of each review, we use specific labels:

- For reviews to be posted, customers of our members are invited via email to leave their feedback. This invitation is automatically generated by our system once a purchase is completed using the online store's webshop software. Such reviews are displayed on the member page marked as ‘Verified customer of …'

- Moreover, our members' customers can also submit reviews spontaneously, without needing an invitation. These reviews are identified as 'unverified reviews' and are displayed on the member page under the label 'Review for ….'.

How we keep our reviews authentic

  • Review authors must verify their email addresses.
  • Webshop owners cannot edit reviews by themselves.
  • All reviews, positive or negative, are posted immediately.
  • We use an algorithm to identify potentially fake reviews.
  • Suspicious reviews are removed after our customer service team reviews them.
  • Members can request a moderation of reviews they suspect aren't from actual customers, prompting an investigation.
  • Consumers can also report reviews they suspect to be fake, leading to an investigation.
  • We prohibit members from collecting reviews in exchange for payments, products, discounts, or other incentives.
  • Members found publishing fake reviews face strict actions, including the addition of a warning badge on their profile.

Terms & conditions

You can find the review Terms & conditions here.

Tips for reading reviews

Being a savvy consumer means scrutinizing information critically, especially through reviews.

  • Consider the number of reviews. A larger volume of feedback generally provides a clearer picture than just a handful.
  • Check the dates of reviews. Recent feedback is crucial as it reflects the current state of the online store. A steady flow of recent reviews also suggests stability.
  • Evaluate how complaints are handled. Mistakes happen, but the key is how a business addresses and resolves these issues. Negative reviews can offer insight into this process.
  • Explore multiple sources for a broader perspective. Search for the webshop on Google to gather more experiences. We also link to external sources on our member pages when possible, aiding in your evaluation of an online store's reliability.

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Average score

The displayed average score is not only based on our own evaluations but in many cases also on reviews from external sources if they have been added to the profile. This way, for example, we can include Google's score in the calculation.

Calculation of the score

The rating is based on a 'Likert scale', in this case, consisting of 1 to 5 stars that translate as a number to 2 to 10. According to this formula, a score of 3 stars equals a 6. This formula results in a score of 1 star giving the online retailer a 2 and not a 1 or 0. The displayed score is an average of all ratings, with and without review text.

External sources

In addition to the score calculated with our own reviews, reviews from external platforms can also be included in the average score at Trustprofile. These reviews count equally in the average score. Thus, 100 reviews at Trustprofile (with an average of 9) and 100 reviews collected elsewhere (with an average of 8) lead to an average score of 8.5.

Influence on scores

The reviews we collect do not contain paid reviews or reviews that have come from a contractual relationship. The external sources may well (partly) consist of paid reviews or reviews that have come from a contractual relationship. Adding external sources can therefore sometimes influence the average number.

Removal of reviews

Generally, we keep all reviews up unless they contain offensive language or are clearly unfair. Situations warranting removal include reviews from non-customers, competitors, or those spreading falsehoods. We focus on facts over feelings; what might upset one customer may not bother another. Our approach is to verify the facts and allow online retailers a chance to reply to the reviews. Our user terms guide these decisions.