How to make your webshop more visible

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How to make your webshop more visible

So, you’ve set up your online store, stocked it with amazing products, and you’re ready to roll. Now, the challenge is getting customers to discover you. For newcomers in the e-commerce world, standing out amidst a sea of competitors might be complicated. While strategies like advertising, social media engagement, and search engine optimization might be familiar to you, did you know that being a Trustprofile member can give your store’s visibility a significant boost?

How Trustprofile increases your visibility:

1. Backlink to your webshop:

When you claim your Trustprofile, you get your member page on the Trustprofile website. This member page shows that you are part of the team and, of course, also links back to your webshop., with a Domain Authority of 76, scores well in comparison with other trust providers. Your webshop benefits from this. The link from your member page provides a significant SEO boost for your website’s visibility. You’ll notice this in your Google rankings.

2. Your own member page:

The member page itself is also a great way to spotlight your shop. On your member page, you can share information about your webshop and add photos. This way, you can show potential customers who’s behind the webshop, the team you work with, or what your company looks like behind the scenes. You add a touch of personality to your profile, making you appear more trustworthy. Additionally, visitors can see the various assurances you offer your customers. Within the member list on, anyone can easily search for webshops. And on our homepage, you see six different member pages with every visit.

3. Turn customers into ambassadors with reviews:

When you ask your customers to write a review, you’re asking them to think consciously about their experience with your webshop. This reminds them of the positive experience they had, increasing the chances they’ll share it with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances and recommend your products.

4. Share reviews on social media:

You can tell everyone how great your webshop is on social media, but it’s more powerful when others say it. Through your member page on Trustprofile, you can easily share your reviews on Facebook and Twitter. You can also take a screenshot of a great review. This gives you original content to share, which often gets positive responses (especially if you tag and thank your customers in your post). Another option: ask your customers to share a photo of the product and/or their experience on their social media and tag your shop in the post. This makes the post visible to everyone who responds, reaching more and more people.

5. Reliability:

Trustprofile’s primary task is to show your potential customers that they can shop with you with confidence. With the quality mark and the sidebar, your shop exudes trust, making customers more likely to order from you. And then steps 2, 3, and 4 above repeat themselves!

It’s also good to know: Trustprofile usually appears right below your shop in Google search results when someone searches for your shop name. Customers immediately see your review score and that you’re allowed to carry our quality mark. This builds extra trust and will definitely increase the number of clicks to your website.

Good luck with your shop! If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us. Not a member of Trustprofile yet? Find out what you can expect for €10 per month here.


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