Can product reviews boost sales?

A look into how product reviews help businesses convert.

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Can product reviews boost sales?

So, can product reviews boost sales? Absolutely. Research shows that having 5 reviews on a product could increase conversion by 270% compared with a purchase likelihood of a product with no reviews.

It’s a straightforward answer, supported by extensive research. Yet, here you are, seeking more insights. Imagine if 10,000 people backed this statement – you might find it more convincing. That’s the essence of how reviews work. They build trust, which in turn makes us feel more comfortable with our decision to buy. Let’s take a closer look. What is it about reviews that makes them so influential? How do they manage to sway our purchasing decisions?

Why product reviews are important?

Product reviews are important because they give customers genuine, unbiased thoughts from other people just like them. This kind of feedback is trusted because it comes from those who have no stake in selling the product. Compared to the glossy ads or the perfect descriptions you see from brands – reviews tell you what’s really good and what’s not, sharing personal experiences and real-life uses. They give you the full picture, with all the ups and downs, so you can guess better what it’ll be like for you. That’s why so many people rely on them before deciding to buy – it’s like getting advice from a friend, honest and straight to the point.

Example of products with reviews

Which pair of shoes would you choose?

Impact on sales conversions

Buying something is a mix of different things that pop into our heads. Some folks want to hear what others say, while some dig into the nitty-gritty details. And then, there’s the trust factor, the number of the product reviews, and whether they’re real or not. All these bits and pieces blend together, affecting what we decide to buy. So, to truly understand how product reviews boost sales, we’ve got to consider this mix of factors that make our choices tick.

1. Positive Reviews Boost Sales

Positive product reviews can skyrocket conversion rates by as much as 270%! It’s all about human nature: we often look to others before making our own choices, particularly when we’re unsure. This phenomenon is referred to as social proof. We have an in-depth blog about how this psychological principle impacts buyers. Check it out here.
On the other hand, the inherent risk involved in purchasing, especially high-value items, is a common concern. Positive reviews serve as a safety net here, offering a sense of security. That is especially important in online shopping, where you can’t physically check out what you’re buying.

2. Negative Reviews and Their Dual Impact

Negative product reviews can seem like a setback, but they actually bring a valuable dimension to customer feedback. When people see only positive reviews, they might wonder if the feedback is genuine. That’s why 67% of B2B buyers prefer a mix of positive and negative reviews before making a purchase decision, as negative comments add a layer of realism to the online reputation of a webshop.

Besides, negative reviews provide insights that might not be apparent from positive feedback alone. They help potential buyers understand the full scope of a product, including its limitations, which can be crucial for making an informed decision.

3. Volume of Reviews Matters

More reviews generally correlate with higher conversion rates. You can see them like a path through a dense forest; the more it’s walked by others, the more it invites us to trust and follow. But the magic number for reviews might be lower than you think. Sure, having between 50 to 100 reviews per product might be what customers expect. But here’s the kicker – research from the Spiegel Research Center shows that even products with just five reviews are more likely to get bought compared to those with none. Starting with just a handful can boost your sales.

4. Star Ratings and Quick Judgments

Star ratings are immediately noticeable and offer a quick visual summary of a product’s overall reception. The first impressions heavily influence consumer behavior, and products with higher ratings, particularly those with 4 stars (or more), are likely to catch the consumer’s eye and be chosen over lower-rated options. They’re a visual cue that quickly informs decisions, embedding themselves in our subconscious. Recognizing this, why not streamline the shopping experience for your customers?

5. Review Authenticity

As consumers become increasingly savvy, they’re actively seeking out authentic reviews to guide their decisions. This vigilance is necessary because product reviews can be fabricated to deceive others. According to GASA, the most common method for detecting scams is through reviews on third-party sites. The reason for this is simple: managing your own review system doesn’t always equate to transparency. It’s relatively easy for a developer to fabricate a review and display it attractively on a webshop, creating a false sense of credibility.

On Trustprofile, verified reviews are marked with a green check box, providing an additional layer of trust and authenticity.

Example of verified reviews on Trustprofile

Which review seems more credible to you?

6. Response to Reviews

Responding to positive reviews is a good practice as it shows you’re engaged and value customer feedback, but it’s how you tackle the negative ones that can make or break people clicking the buying button.

When it comes to negative feedback, a strategic approach is key. It’s almost like a balancing act, making sure you hit the right notes to not just patch things up with the unhappy customer but also to show potential customers you’ve got their back. Check our previous blog for guidance on how to respond to negative reviews.


To wrap it up, think of product reviews as the secret sauce that spices up sales. They’re like a mirror reflecting the real deal about products and services, turning skeptical browsers into confident buyers. Whether it’s a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down, each review has its own superpower in impacting shopping choices and propelling business success.


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