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Check any e-commerce store on the internet for trustworthiness!

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We believe SMEs are the future.

We love helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) like you, because we believe that you’re the future of e-commerce. Unfortunately, consumers don’t always trust SMEs, and so they turn to major players like Amazon. We’d love to change that.

Be trustworthy boost your sales.

For any e-commerce business, the key to converting a website visitor into a customer is trust. How do you achieve that? Potential customers start trusting you when they know the human behind your business. But there are a lot of other trust signals they look for when they visit your website.

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Our rapid growth is determined by our three core values.


We focus on small- and medium-sized enterprises, and we develop each feature carefully to make sure it’s truly useful for you, meaning it’ll help you convert leads into sales and sales into loyal customers.


“Keep it simple, stupid!” is our favorite quote. We always keep it simple. Because we know your time is valuable. Our software is easy to use and fits your business’ needs.


And because we don’t do customization, we manage to keep our software affordable for any online entrepreneur.

Meet Daan CEO of Trustprofile

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The origins of Trustprofile WebwinkelKeur.

WebwinkelKeur was founded in 2010. Years after running our business successfully, we felt it was time to create an affordable trust seal with proper monitoring. This is how Trustprofile was born. We chose to provide businesses with a certification as well as offering them to have all customer reviews in one place. Verified by us, reviewed by your customers.