Terms & conditions

These legal terms & conditions are part of your agreement with Trustprofile B.V. that you must agree with in the process of claiming your profile for the first time. We therefore advise you to read these terms and conditions carefully and possibly save them locally.

We’ll explain our legal terms & conditions as simply as we can.

Company data

Trustprofile B.V.
Moutlaan 32
7523MD Enschede
The Netherlands

CoC: 73749206
VAT: NL859650789B01

Personal and company data

We do our best to only share accurate data about your company. If you claim a profile, you give us permission to publish and reproduce the data. From that moment on, it is up to you to check the published data and adjust it where necessary.

You ensure that all data, materials or information that you provide to Trustprofile B.V. are free of copyright or other proprietary rights.

In our privacy policy you can read how we process your personal and company data. The privacy policy is part of these terms & conditions.

Intellectual property

All copyrights and other intellectual property rights remain within Trustprofile B.V., unless parties have agreed otherwise in writing.


When claiming your trust profile you can continue with a free subscription or choose a paid subscription. The subscriptions offered can be found at our plans page.

We invoice our subscriptions on a yearly basis or on a quarterly basis. At invoices on a quarterly basis we invoice an additional €8 euros per invoice for administration fees.

After the end of the billing period, the chosen subscription will automatically be renewed for the duration of the same billing period.

Invoices are sent by email and can be found in your Trustprofile dashboard.

Invoices must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.

At any time you can increase your subscription’s tier in your Trustprofile dashboard. You will then receive an invoice for the additional costs for the remaining period until the next billing period.

If we are unable to collect the subscription fees, we will ask you to pay the unpaid invoice. If you fail to pay within the set period we will downgrade your subscription to a free subscription and cancel the outstanding invoice.

Would you like to purchase a paid subscription again? Then your original unpaid subscription will be re-activated and a new invoice created. The already used paid subscription period will be subtracted from the new subscription period.


You can reduce your subscription’s tier at any time at the end of the current billing term in the account section in the Trustprofile dashboard or terminate by unpublishing all your profiles in the Trustprofile dashboard. We will not credit any invoiced amounts.

Trustprofile can decide at its own discretion to no longer publish a profile. In the event that a current subscription is terminated, we will refund the unused subscription period.

Complaints and liability

We do our best to provide a good service. Do you have a complaint? Please get in touch with us via info@trustprofile.com.

Should we fail to comply with the agreement, we will only be liable for direct damages. We are not liable for indirect damages like the loss of profit, missed savings or reputational damage.

We are not liable for shortcomings of our clients or partners.

Disputes which cannot be resolved amicably shall be settled by the competent court with jurisdiction at the registered seat of the Trustprofile B.V. and by Dutch law.

Any General Terms and Conditions or other conditions of clients and/or partners are hereby rejected by Trustprofile B.V.

These terms will be updated

We preserve the right to change these terms at any time. Every time that we change our terms, we will publish them on our website and notify our users by e-mail.