X-wrist combines the latest health-measurement sensors with an AI-based habit building system that rewards you for becoming the best version of yourself.
Improve your health | Understand your body | Change your lifestyle | Easily book & consult with an expert (doctor, trainer, nutritionist) | Get personalized diets, workouts & healthy habit and recommendations from experts.

Reclaim used energy as NRG tokens | Reuse that energy and spend it on physical or digital goods and services | Each token has real value and is backed by the dollar
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Put your health & fitness on autopilot
Get rewarded for doing nothing different
You need to recognize that energy never ceases to exist, so you can’t really lose anything, anyway, because energy always is. Energy can change, it can alter, it can take different forms, but it cannot be destroyed. Therefore, the idea of loss is the greatest lie we buy.
We at x-wrist value people's energy and reward them for creating it.

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