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We aim to provide the best services around Web Hosting/ Web Design/ Web Development, where we have different packages and offers and have created a large clientele. A major contributor to this increase was the trust given by existing customers who have recommended our services bringing us a significant number of new customers.

We are also trying to create the iHost.al Center, where we will manage all the servers ourselves, but this is now impossible for various reasons such as: The high cost of electricity, the poor Internet, and many other reasons make it impossible to relocate the Hosting Center in Albania, so we use DataCenters in the US, Germany and England.

At iHost.al, each team member interacts with clients in his or her area of expertise, providing support whenever a customer needs it. You can find us by phone, email, skype or live chat.

Of course, we would not be able to successfully build your online business if we did not offer:

- Creating Websites - Design, Construction and Development Page, Online Shopping Sites, Construction Blog etc.

- Domain Registration - As an Albanian Registrar, Domain Registration .AL, .com.AL, .net.AL, .org.AL, .edu.AL but also .com, .net, .biz, .eu, etc.

- Web Hosting - As a company Hosting, Blog Hosting and Data Store.

- Web Applications, etc. - As Web Application Developers, Mobile Equipment Applications, Search Engine Promotion, Social Media Marketing, etc.
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