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  • Arnold Christoforou
    Review for shortletsmalta Co. Limited

    I already left a review on, but I felt the need to do another review here. The reason is that a week before my holiday I decided, to my misfortune to google Shortletsmalta and it lead me to this site. As you can imagine I was shocked and I confess that I thought about trying to cancel the reservation, however being a big group, it was not an option as I feared that it would be difficult to find something last minute at that price or size. Although Phillip, our agent, was polite and reassuring and as a matter of fact the property on had a review score of 9.4, I was still very anxious the whole week before arrival. Fortunately the Villa was stunning, much better than the photos, the heated indoor pool, the games room, really nice and super clean, even Victoria the host was really nice and she even organized a Sicily tour which really fantastic as we managed to visit Sicily on our Holiday to Malta. Now I understand that this company has many properties, so experiences are different however I wanted to post my positive experience so if someone happens, like I did, to see this site after the booking, then be reassured that if you booked Villa Ida you will love it and if you want to make it extraordinary just add the Sicily tour.

  • Michael Puehse
    Review for shortletsmalta Co. Limited

    This company pulled a bait and switch on the villa we rented in Malta. Stay as far away as possible. Deceptive business practices and owner.

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