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  • Jason smith
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    I am glad I bought my photo and video equipment from camgox. The camcorders, the cables and adaptors are of good quality, and at affordable prices. I am thinking of ordering a DSLR camera too because shipping is quite fast.

  • John Rond
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    I've been learning about photography, so I realized one of the first things I needed was to get a better camera, I bought the Canon EOS R5 C Mirrorless Cinema Camera from camgox and I couldnt be happier with it, the quality of it is really good, I had a few questions and I was surprised how fast their customer service answered me, I'm also satifiesed with how quick the shipment was, I definitely recommend this site if you're looking to upgrade, they have the best products available at the best price

  • axel monroe
    Review for

    When it comes to buying the professional photo, video, and audio equipment this website is absolutely the best provides all the types to choose from such as DSLR cameras and professional camcorders as well as several cables and adapters to choose from and even all-in-one desktop computers and iMacs, I managed to buy several products in the operation when smoothly the shipment was quick and the customer service was absolutely perfect I really recommend it

  • Homin
    Review for

    I'm not much of a tech wiz, but I was looking for a good RAM to insert into my machine to make it a little faster. I bought a 32gb desktop ddr4 at a very affordable price from Their customer service is just admirable. You should check them out.

  • Ansahmbom
    Review for

    I am Soo happy 😊 I bought my DSLR Camera from this site and the quality is amazing.
    I made the right choice this time. Thanks Soo much 🥰 for you customer service

  • Amanuale
    Review for

    One of the best sites for buy professional photo video equipment. I personally purchased a DSLR camera from this website. I highly recommend it quality brand, quality products, fast delivery full customer service. thanks so much

  • eyman khan
    Review for

    Amazing experience! I would highly recommend the company. Everything was perfectly organized and the teacher was very knowledgeable, friendly and very good at explaining concepts also to a total beginner like me :) (thank you Aga!!). Looking forward to my next course with them!

  • leonscott
    Review for

    i bought a camera like a week ago and i wasnt that good with it so i visited this website and purchased boast my photography skills and to be honest im happy with my decision

  • Cenilton
    Review for

    Este site realmente é muito! Tem muitos produtos de alta qualidade, com excelentes preços, além de ter um designer muito bonito e você consegue achar o que procura com facilidade, além de tudo a entrega é rápida e o atendimento é bom, recomendo que todos utilizem, pois vão gostar!

  • Tizita
    Review for

    I do have camera and filming enterprise and I have used all the equipments from your website listed. They are quality based products with Affordable price. I really enjoyed by your service. Thank you for honest work.

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