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  • ava bracken
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    okay. i ordered back in FEBRUARY it’s SEPTEMBER, i bought multiple things, a shirt some jewelry hoodies and even shoes (idk why i bought shoes that’s besides the point), i was so excited i made sure to look at reviews before and i didn’t find one bad one (or so i thought) so i ordered. 2 weeks go by, nothing. i try contacting the company and there was no way i could. waited a couple more months, i finally knew it wasn’t coming so i went to my bank so that i could be refunded for all the money i spent on that greedy, scammer website. THIS IS A PSA TO EVERYONE THINKING OF BUYING FROM HERE, DO NOT. you could spend your money on so much more trustworthy and reliable sites, this is a scam. they don’t deserve any stars at all they deserve 0.

  • ahallecarden
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    i wish i could give 0 stars because this website doesn't deserve even one star. i ordered my merchandise months ago and it never came. they never responded to emails and no order number was given. filed with my bank to get my money back and the website flat out disappeared. DO NOT ORDER IT IS A SCAM

  • joselo
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    5 months ago i bought a pair of sneakers and i never received my merchandise ,they never answered my messages...

  • Robin
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    It has been 5 months since i placed my oredr. Still no tracking number, no response to emails, just flatbout nothing. NEVER USE THIS SITE!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • Christian Buchberger
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    Warte schon seit 8 Wochen auf meine Schuhe.
    Bekommen keine Antwort auf meine Emails.

  • Rukaiya
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    I ordered three shoes but they won’t respond to my mails and this sucks.I hope I wasn’t scammed

  • Asher
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    They suck

  • Randy
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    I have been waiting for my order for 3 weeks. When I contact no one responds.
    I hope I can still change my mind

  • Kade Smith
    Review for

    Won’t respond to my emails. It’s been two weeks since I bought the shoes and still haven’t gotten them. Still wondering if I got scammed or not.

  • Mariek
    Review for

    Order is stil “unfullfilled” 2 weeks after order. No contact phone, no response to e-mail. Appears scam

  • Anthony
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  • Bella
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    Ordered some tops from their black collections and I’m in love 🤩 They fit perfect and the prices are incredibly low

  • Eyyup
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  • Henry Appah
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    Got my productsPrices are extremely low! Amazed by their customer service

  • Josh Richie
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    Great customer support! Received the shoes in 5 Days, and the quality is extremely good!