Product Reviews: Shopify

After WooCommerce, our product reviews plug-in is now also available for Shopify users. This means that your customers can review their purchased product(s) in your webshop. These reviews are shown with the products on your website. And that’s not all: with the product reviews, you can also receive stars in Google Shopping and much more!

Why product reviews?

50 years ago, people still had to go to a brick-and-mortar shop for every purchase. They bought their TV at the local electrical shop and their shoes at the local shoe shop. They bought their TV from the local electrical shop and their shoes from the local shoe shop, because this was where they had been buying their goods for years with great satisfaction, and the owner was known in the village as an honest businessman. Until 1969, when the Internet came along, and online shopping a few years later… All of a sudden, everyone could look for the best price for a pair of shoes or a television set, and as the icing on the cake, their purchase would be delivered to their home!

This was also the time when retailers were looking for a way to differentiate themselves. They started asking customers to leave a digital experience in their web shop. In this way, they could show that they provided good service and their products were the very best. Now – years later – it is impossible to imagine the Internet without reviews.

Did you know that research has shown that 71% of consumers often or always read customer reviews before a purchase? And that 82% of consumers would rather buy a product with a larger number of reviews and a poorer star rating than a product with 5 stars and fewer reviews?

These figures prove once again that having (product) reviews is extremely valuable. In addition, it also reduces your returns. Customers have more insight into the product they are buying. A huge win-win situation!

So the question is: why not have product reviews?

Installing product reviews for Shopify

  • Step 1. Activate this service in your dashboard. Click on > reviews and then on > product reviews. Then click on the button to activate product reviews.
  • Step 2. In the Shopify app store you can give us permission to process your order data.
  • Step 3. Shopify requires you to install their own product reviews app in addition to our module. You can find that App here: Shopify product reviews.

Product reviews subscription

Our developers are working hard to make services like product reviews possible. This takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears – don’t worry, we are very nice to them 😉 .

For this reason, we charge a fee of 9.95 excluding VAT per month in addition to your normal subscription rate.

Recensioni del Prodotto: WordPress

Sei hai installato il plugin di Trustprofile per WooCommerce, troverai le opzioni per la configurazione sotto Impostazioni> Trustprofile.  E’ molto importante che non sia selezionata l’opzione “Non inviare le informazioni sul mio ordine a Trustprofile” per utilizzare Recensioni del Prodotto.

Ora la recensione dei prodotti sarà una parte integrante del processo di recensione dei clienti.  Gli ordini effettuati prima dell’installazione e l’attivazione delle recensioni del prodotto non riceveranno l’opzione di recensire il prodotto.  Puoi vedere a quali clienti viene data l’opzione di lasciare una recensione del prodotto nella tua bacheca sotto “Inviti” > “Inviati”.  L’opzione di pubblicare una recensione del prodotto è disponibile con gli inviti con un carrello e il testo “Contiene x prodotto/i”.  NB: lasciare una recensione è facoltativo, quindi non tutti i clienti recensiranno (tutti) i loro prodotti.

Visualizzare recensioni del prodotto sul tuo sito WP:

After product reviews are gathered, they should generally appear on the product page on your webshop. However, sometimes your webshop theme can prevent this from happening or alter the way these reviews are shown. Sadly, there is nothing we can do in this situation as it is bound to the theme you use for your webshop.

Dopo la raccolta delle recensioni del prodotto, dovrebbero apparire sulla pagina con i prodotti del tuo webshop.  Tuttavia, a volte il tema del tuo webshop può prevenire o alterare come appaiono.  Purtroppo, non c’è niente che possiamo fare in questa situazione in quanto è legato al tema che usi per il tuo webshop.

GTIN su WordPress:

WooCommerce non ha un campo standard per codici GTIN /  EAN.  Ci sono numerosi plugin in circolazione che utilizzano il proprio campo per memorizzare codici GTIN / EAN.  Per questo è presente l’impostazione per la chiave GTIN / EAN nelle impostazioni dei Plugin su WebwinkelKeur su Recensioni del Prodotto per selezionare il campo corretto.  Riveliamo automaticamente il campo corretto per plugins utilizzati frequentemente.

Non sei sicuro che siano state trasmesse le informazioni corrette? Troverai le informazioni che abbiamo sul prodotto su Recensioni> Recensioni del prodotto nella tua bacheca di Trustprofile.

Non hai un plugin per GTIN / EAN? Il nostro modulo aggiunge un campo ai tuoi prodotti che potresti usare per inserire il codice GTIN.  Questo processo non è automatizzato.  Puoi aggiungere un numero GTIN modificando un prodotto su WordPress e andando su Dati prodotto – Inventario.

Product reviews for your webshop via TrustProfile

Product reviews help you stand out in Google and Google Shopping. It also reduces the amount of product return requests you receive and increases conversion rates of visitors of your webshop to actual buyers.

Product reviews are shown in Google

To activate this feature, you can login to your dashboard and navigate to ‘ratings’ > ‘product reviews’. Note that additional costs are applied for this service and you must be sending out review requests (link reviews?) via our system. Product reviews are not available for every type of webshop software, before activating make sure to check the list of available software displayed on the ‘product reviews’ page in your dashboard.

Easily activated in your dashboard

Once activated your regular review requests should now also contain product data, this allows your customers to, in addition to reviewing your webshop, review the products they have purchased.

Once product reviews are gathered, they will appear under ‘ratings’ > ‘product reviews’ and ‘ratings’ > ‘manage’ where they will be displayed together with the webshop review.

Product reviews and a Google Feed

When your first product reviews have arrived and are visible in your dashboard, you can create a feed. The review data in a feed for product reviews is linked to products based on several factors. Worldwide Unique product IDs such as GTINs (global trade item number) are the most important for this. If no GTIN data is available, Google will try to match reviews based on other metadata, such as SKU, product URLs, and brand and MPN (manufacturer part number) combinations. These IDs usually do not provide a good link. This means that without a GTIN, you may not see star ratings next to the products you offer.

You can find the feed in your dashboard

It is therefor important to give the GTIN a logical place in your product information so that our plugin can easily find it. How this is best done differs per type of webshop software you run. Some software offers a place to enter your GTIN per product, for others you may have to rely on our Trustprofile module/app or a different plugin. We suggest you check out the product review FAQ page of the software you use for more information.

Note: GTIN codes are not needed to enjoy product reviews, they merely improve results in Google.