Send review invitation


I would like to send an email to some customers (after we close a support case) with an invitation to review us on

Is it possible to include a link in such an email to the review form? How can I do this?



Accents in customer reviews in HTML

Good afternoon, After switching from Evalor to Trustprofile, the accents in the customer reviews page are released in html code. Please, can you solve this? Thank you

An unjustified negative review… What to do?

In order to prevent damage from wrongful reviews, we do not show negative reviews for 14 days. You can use that time to remedy the problem or to challenge the review with us. However, if the negative experience turns out to be justified, we will simply publish it.

Contact the customer

First we ask you to contact the customer through our dashboard. The customer has the possibility to adjust or remove the review by himself. It is not permitted to require the customer to have his experience removed. Removal must therefore be entirely voluntary.

Request a moderation (optional)

Second if you do don’t get an appropriate response from the customer, we would like to receive a moderation request through our dashboard. It is important to indicate why the experience is unjustified and if you can prove this. In order to guarantee the quality of reviews, we only remove reviews in exceptional cases.

Write a proper response

In addition, we would like to inform you that a negative review is not necessarily bad for the positioning of your webshop. A consumer trusts the reviews of an online store more if it consists of a combination of positive and negative reviews. A negative review in its time increases the confidence in your webshop.

We want to advise you to share your side of the story by responding to this review. Always stay understanding and experienced. Potential customers read along.

Privacy rules and sending review invitations

In order to be able to inform consumers about the quality of your web store you can invite your customers to leave a review about your web store. We will then send an email on your behalf to your customers and publish their review. This email can be sent via the email address of TrustProfile or an email address of your choice.

In order to send the invitation, we process the following personal data: name and email address of the consumer. Optionally, the consumer’s phone number and ordered products can also be processed, e.g. to send a mobile invitation and/or collect product reviews.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires from you to inform your customers that you share personal information with us before a review invite is send. You can inform your customers by including the following text in your privacy policy:

We collect reviews through the platform of TrustProfile. If you leave a review through TrustProfile you are required to provide a name and email address. TrustProfile shares this information with us so that we can link the review to your order. TrustProfile also publishes your name on its own website. In some cases TrustProfile can contact you to give an explanation of your review. If we invite you to leave a review we will share your name and email address with TrustProfile. They use this information for the sole purpose of inviting you to leave a review. TrustProfile has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data. TrustProfile reserves the right to make use of third parties for the purpose of providing the service. All the above mentioned guarantees concerning the protection of your personal data are also applicable to the parts of the service for which TrustProfile engages third parties.

Recognised review sources

Besides the reviews you collected through TrustProfile we also present the reviews you collected through other review platforms. We offer you one profile containing all of your reviews.

We recognise the following sources of reviews:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • WebwinkelKeur
  • Trustpilot
  • Trusted Shops
  • Trustivity
  • Verified Reviews
  • Feedaty
  • Kiyoh
  • Feedback Company

Is the review platform that you use to gather reviews not listed? Please let us know by commenting on this page. In our further development we listen to what our customers are asking for.

The importance of customer reviews!

If you type “effectiveness of online reviews” in a search engine you will find many reports that will tell you that reviews have a huge impact on online purchases. We do believe the same. Word of mouth is the strongest marketing tool available to any business. Online it is just the same.

“83% buys faster at a webshop with customer reviews” (Soykan 2017)

Our college from WebwinkelKeur, Sibel Soykan, did a graduation research at our company on this aspect and found that “83,3% of the respondents indicate that they buy faster at the web store if they have customer reviews.” Link to her her article (in Dutch):


List of independent research

This report of Soykan was sponsored by WebwinkelKeur. Also many of the reports you will find online are sponsored by a company that facilitates online reviews. Truly independent research on customer reviews is rare. Here is what we have found:

“Ratings are the 3rd most important factor when making purchase decisions” (Simon-Kucher & Partners 2019)

The Rating Economy – Consumer Survey


“The information in consumer reviews is widely considered as more reliable than marketer-sponsored information” (Constantinides and Holleschovsky 2016)

Impact of Online Product Reviews on Purchasing Decisions


Have you found a truly independent research that investigates the effect of online reviews? Information is power!
Please tell and we will add it to the list.